Dry skin

Skin care adapted for dry skin from Bagliora

Dry skin occurs when the skin does not produce enough oils to retain moisture. It can
due to genetics, weather conditions, use of strong detergents or aging. Dry skin
may feel tight, flaky and sometimes irritated. To care for and moisturize dry skin in the best way
Bagliora offers gentle and nourishing skin care products.
Keep in mind that:

- Use a gentle cleansing mousse: Avoid cleansing products that can dry out the skin
further. Bagliora's mild cleansing mousse is gentle on the skin and keeps it
natural moisture balance.

- Exfoliate with a BHA exfoliator: BHA exfoliators help remove surface dryness and
promotes cell renewal. Use a BHA exfoliator from Bagliora a few times a week to
keep the skin soft and smooth.

- Apply a moisturizing serum and a rich moisturizer: A serum with hyaluronic acid and
a moisturizer with omega fatty acids moisturizes and protects the skin effectively. Bagliora's
serums and creams are specially designed to provide intensive hydration to dry skin.

- Boost with a facial oil with squalane: Facial oils with squalane provide extra nourishment and
softening properties for dry skin. Bagliora's face oils are enriched with squalane to
help restore the skin's natural softness and radiance.
Explore our range of skin care products tailored for dry skin. Our commitment to skin care
guarantees that you will find the best products for your skin type, which will help you restore your skin
moisture balance and softness in a gentle way.