Oily, hormonal skin and acne

Skin care adapted for oily, hormonal skin and acne from Bagliora

Oily and hormonal skin occurs when the sebaceous glands produce too much oil, which can lead to
enlarged pores, shine and acne. Hormonal changes, genetics, stress and wrong
skin care routine can all contribute to this. To manage and improve the condition of oily and
acne-prone skin, Bagliora offers effective and specially adapted skin care products.
Keep in mind that:

- Use an exfoliator with 2% BHA acid: BHA acid is effective in clearing pores and
reduce the appearance of pimples. Bagliora's exfoliating products with 2% BHA acid help
to keep the pores clean and the skin clearer.

- Apply a serum with niacinamide and prebiotics: Niacinamide reduces sebum production
and improves the skin's structure, while prebiotics strengthen the skin barrier. Bagliora's serum
combines these ingredients to help balance oily skin and prevent acne.

- Use a lighter but deeply moisturizing gel cream: A light gel cream moisturizes the skin without
clog pores. Bagliora's gel creams are formulated to provide intensive moisture at the same time as
they keep the skin fresh and free of excess oil.

- Avoid squeezing pimples or blackheads: Squeezing pimples can lead to scarring
and spread of bacteria. Let Bagliora's products work to soothe and help the skin.
Explore our range of skin care products tailored for oily, hormonal skin and acne. Our expertise
and dedication to skin care ensures you find the best products for your skin type, which
helps you achieve a balanced and healthy complexion. With the right products and procedures, you can effectively
manage oiliness and acne, and improve skin health and appearance.