Dark complexion

Skin care adapted for dull skin from Bagliora
Does your skin feel tired and dull? Do you experience that your products just settle on the surface without penetrating
down and moisturize? Dull skin can be due to a lack of moisture and nutrition. When too many dead accumulate
skin cells on the surface, it can also make the skin look tired and lifeless. To restore the skin's natural
lyster offers Bagliora a range of specially adapted skin care products.
Keep in mind that:

- Use a BHA exfoliation at least 2-3 times a week: A BHA exfoliation helps to
get rid of dead skin cells and deep clean the pores. Bagliora's BHA exfoliator is
gentle but effective, and helps your skin look fresher and more radiant.

- Use a serum and cream with Vitamin C: Vitamin C, also known as the skin's glow vitamin,
accelerates cell renewal and has a smoothing effect. Bagliora serums and creams with Vitamin C
gives your skin a natural glow and helps reduce unevenness.

- Try Bagliora Brightening Eye Cream and Vitamin Glow Primer: These products, which
contains niacinamide, works long-term to give the skin a glow. The light reflective ones
the pigments and brightening sea buckthorn extract in the Vitamin Glow Primer conceal fatigue and
dark circles, while giving an instant glow.
Explore our range of skin care products tailored for dull skin. Our expertise and commitment to
skin care ensures that you find the best products for your skin type, helping you achieve a
healthy and radiant skin. By following our advice and using Bagliora's specially adapted products
you can give your skin the moisture and nourishment it needs to regain its natural glow.