Sensitive skin

Skin care adapted for sensitive skin from Bagliora
Sensitive skin can often be a challenge to care for. It is reactive and can easily be irritated by different things
factors such as strong fragrances, chemicals in skin care products, weather conditions and stress. Typical
Symptoms of sensitive skin include redness, itching and a burning sensation. To help you take
take care of your sensitive skin in the best way, Bagliora offers a range of carefully selected skin care products
which are specially formulated to soothe and protect sensitive skin.
Keep in mind that:

- Choose alcohol-free skin care products: At Bagliora you will find a wide range of alcohol-free products
products that are gentle on sensitive skin. Alcohol can dry out and irritate the skin, so
our products are formulated to minimize this risk.

- Avoid mechanical peelings: Sensitive skin needs a gentler exfoliation. Bagliora's
range includes enzyme-based and chemical exfoliants that effectively remove dead skin
skin cells without causing irritation.

- Use a soothing and moisturizing mousse cleanser: A gentle mousse cleanser from
Bagliora cleans the skin effectively without drying out or irritating. Our products contain
soothing ingredients to ensure gentle cleansing.

- Incorporate a serum with niacinamide: Niacinamide is known for its soothing and
anti-inflammatory properties. Bagliora's serum with niacinamide helps reduce
redness and itching, making them ideal for sensitive skin.

- Choose a cream with soothing oat extract and omega fatty acids: Bagliora's creams with
oat extract and omega fatty acids from chia are formulated to restore the skin's
barrier function and embed the skin in moisture, which reduces irritation and improves the skin's

- Protect the skin from the sun: Bagliora offers sun protection products with skin care
ingredients designed to protect sensitive skin from harmful UV rays.
Regular use of sunscreen can prevent further irritation and damage.
Explore our range of skin care products adapted to sensitive skin. Our expertise and commitment to
skin care ensures that you find the best products for your skin type, helping you achieve a
healthy and radiant skin. Do not forget to test new products on a small area first to ensure that they
does not cause irritation.