Så tar du hand om en mogen hy

This is how you take care of mature skin

6 tips for you + 50 years.

6 tips to take care of the skin + 50 years

Aging is wonderful and we embrace every year and every wrinkle. At the same time, we want to age in our best skin suit ever. Therefore, it is important that we adapt our skin care routine to meet the specific needs that arise as we get older.

Here are our best tips to preserve the health and suppleness of the skin for a long time!

  1. Cleaning: As we get older, the skin produces less oil and therefore tends to become drier. Therefore, it is important to use a cleanser that does not dry out the skin. Avoid harsh soaps and strong chemicals that can irritate the skin, but invest in a mild oh gentle mousse cleanser that strengthens the barrier such as Bagliora Hydrating Mousse Cleanser. It contains allantoin that binds moisture and prebiotics that strengthen the skin's delicate barrier.


  1. Exfoliation: The simplest tip to counteract lost luster and dryness is spelled exfoliation. Use a gentle but effective exfoliation a few times a week to remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal. Our BHA-syra is more gentle than mechanical scrub peelings that can damage the barrier. This also contains hyaluronic acid, which plumps up the skin and keeps it moisturized.


  1. Moisturize and work actively: The skin's natural ability to repair itself decreases with age, making fine lines and wrinkles more visible and deep. Baglioras Nourishing Rich cream is a rich and rich cream that contains the peptide Matrixyl Morphomics, which is the first peptide on the market that counteracts the skin's vertical lines and wrinkles. At the same time, it moisturizes deeply with omega fatty acids and two types of hyaluronic acid.


  1. Boost the collagen: As we get older, the production of the body's elastic protein decreases; Collagen and elastin, this causes the skin to lose volume and firmness. Here, we want to invest in collagen-stimulating ingredients such as Tripeptide-5, which mimics the body's own mechanism for producing collagen. You can find this in Collagen superfood serum. A bonus! The serum contains 3% niacinamide which is a cheerleader for reducing pigmentation.


  1. Take care of the delicate skin around the eyes: The skin around the eyes tends to be thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the face. As we age, the skin loses its natural moisture and elasticity, which can lead to dryness and wrinkles. Brightening Eye Cream solves five of the most common problems around our eye area such as dark circles, fatigue, puffiness, fine lines and droopy eyelids. It contains the ingredient Beautifeye from Persian silk tree which is the first ingredient on the market to show a visible lifting effect on drooping eyelids.  
  1. Sun protection is essential: Did you know that 80% of skin aging is due to the skin being exposed to the sun. We do not advocate that you need to wear sunscreen all year round, especially if you live in Sweden where UV is low during the winter. But on the days when you will be in direct sunlight, we recommend that you add or replace your day cream with SPF Silk Sunscreen 50.


Three ingredients we love in skin care + 50 years!

  1. Peptides – these cell-communicating superheroes tell the skin how to behave.
  2. Hyaluronic acid: Here we want both a low-molecular and a high-molecular variant that moisturizes all layers of the skin.
  3. Niacinamid – how we love this super-ingredient! This active form of vitamin B3 works on exactly everything you want an ingredient to do; pores, lines, pigmentation and shine. A must in a results-oriented routine.

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