Bästa produkterna för vinterhuden

Best products for winter skin


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Winter and the cold are here! And maybe you've already noticed the effects on your skin. But there are ways to avoid dry, flaky and sensitive skin. Here are our best tips to save winter skin.

1. Strengthen the barrier

Healthy skin with a strong barrier is soft and supple. Common signs of a damaged skin barrier are that the skin feels dry, tight and stiff right after you wash it. Hydrating Mousse Cleanser contains moisturizing allantoin and betaine as well prebiotics which precisely has the task of strengthening and balancing the skin's delicate protective barrier.

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2. Moisturize and remoisturize

Giving the skin an extra dose of moisture this time of year is necessary. Collagen Superfood Serum contains two kinds hyaluronic acid (high and low molecular) which, like a sponge, binds 1000 times its own weight in water. This makes the skin hydrated and supple while fine lines are blurred.

Pat into skin after cleansing both morning and night to ensure skin is constantly moisturised.

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3. Lock in the moisture with fat

In order for the moisture to remain in the skin, you need to lock it in with an extra layer of fat. So now is really the time to switch to a richer face cream, even during the day. Nouishing Rich Cream is, as the name suggests, a rich and buttery cream containing omega-3 fatty acids and ceramides that protect the skin against cold air and wind and act as a protective down jacket for the skin.

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