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Bagliora was founded in the desire to improve the beauty industry with healthy skin care products, so-called Clean Beauty. Products that are gentle on the skin and health while giving a clear effect.


CLean Beauty

We are Jessica and Julia, sisters-in-law and founders of Bagliora. We started Bagliora because we care about the ingredients we put on our face every day.

When Julia Fors, who has a background as a dietician and health editor, became pregnant, she began to question the ingredients in the products she used. - A normal skin care routine can contain over 200 chemicals, which I think feels both harmful and unnecessary. I wanted to find active products with effective ingredients, but without unnecessary additives. Because what I apply to my skin is at least as important as what I put in my body. That is where the idea was born to develop a Clean Beauty brand with effect.


Bagliora is Clean Beauty, which means that we have a high natural content, over 95% in most of our products, combined with active ingredients without unnecessary chemicals and additives.

We produce all our products in a green factory in Sweden together with one of Sweden's most experienced female chemists. All products are based on skin-loving nutrients common in an anti-inflammatory diet that protects, balances and strengthens the skin. 

All our products are 100% vegan, cruelty free and dermatologically tested. The result is products that are gentle on the skin and health while being effective.

Our sustainability goals

Sustainability is part of our DNA and reflects everything we do from production to distribution. In developing our company, we quickly realized that there were a number of small choices we could make that in turn could make a big difference. All our products are manufactured near us in Sweden. In this way, we greatly reduce emissions from transport. We work with small batches in a Swedish factory and all of our packaging and outer packaging are recyclable. In the long run, our ambition is to also be able to produce refill packaging for an even more sustainable skin care routine.

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