This year's most anticipated product


The product we have all been waiting for is finally here! Bagliora's first sunscreen with skin care ingredients.

• Ultralight fluid formula • Skin care • Waterproof • Gives luster • Odorless • Coral Reef Safe

SPF with skin care ingredients

With an ultralight formula, this SPF-face protects fluid against UVA + UVB rays and blue light. At the same time, it gives the skin a radiant glow and has a moisturizing and emollient effect with beneficial ingredients such as vitamin E, squalane and glycerin.

E-vitamin - Protects against pigmentation and the formation of wrinkles. Boosts collagen production and makes the skin more elastic.

Glycerin - Forms a fluid reservoir and helps to improve the moisture barrier and function of the skin barrier.

Squalane - Helps the skin retain moisture and has a softening effect.

GER AND silky glowy finish

The fluid is absorbed quickly without feeling sticky or greasy, and fits perfectly both above and below makeup. Massage and pat the cream on your face before you are exposed to the sun. And repeat application if necessary, as well as after bathing.

The product can be applied on top of your regular day cream or instead of your day cream as it also has a moisturizing and skin care effect.


In accordance with the Hawaii Reef Bill, we have removed the following sunscreens for health and the environment:

Oxybenzone (benzophenone-3), Octinoxate (octylmethoxycinnamate) and Octocrylene, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Octisalate, homosalate and avobenzone as these have been shown to be absorbed into the body and are bad for coral reefs.

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