our story

It all started with a desire, to develop a clean beauty skin care line with 100% transparency and a high natural and organic content that delivered results.

Our ambition was to bring the best of organic skin care and combine it with the best of advanced technology but leave all doubtful ingredients aside. To create a skin care routine that is as nourishing for your face as nutritious food is for your body.

In other words; A green smoothie for your skin.

Julia fors

Julia Fors has a background as a beauty and health Editor. She has also written two best-selling books – Bodylicious and Superlicious at Norstedts publishing house.

“The diet’s ability to affect the body, mood and health has been my primary passion for the last ten years. When I educated myself as a nutrition coach and started eating more “clean food”, I noticed a huge difference in my health, which also began to affect how I looked at my skincare routine. It began to feel obvious that I also wanted clean and healthy skin care products on my face. Right there the idea was born of developing a Clean Beauty brand with effect”.

Jessica lundström

Jessica Lundström has worked in marketing and communication for more than fifteen years. With a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, USA. Today she works with her husband at the investment company RCL Holding AB.

”As a passionate skin care enthusiast, I have always preferred high-performance products. My interest has been in medical skin care, but more recently, the interest in organic skincare had come to growth on me. With a background in marketing, I have always had the dream of creating my own brand, so the step from thought to action was short when my sister-in-law suggested creating our own skin care brand. For me, the effect was the most important in the production of the product, combined with an elegant design and high premium feel. Quality, transparency and sustainability are the factors that primarily govern the foundation of our brand.

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